Company overview

With a 13 years’ experience in executive search and even more in headhunting, we started our business in Bucharest, in a dynamic market where the need for professionals is still ascending. As the human resources market is ever more demanding, we extended our business and our search in Romania and worldwide.

Finding the right person is hard. Especially when the right person is the one who will oversee your business or, at least, essential parts of it. The search might be stressful and time consuming as an Executive position requires a different approach. Posting a job opening doesn’t work anymore. So, we started Elite Searchers as a boutique executive search and headhunting service orientated to finding you the perfect candidates for your opened executive positions.

Our experience helped us develop the skills needed for the executive search and headhunting services we offer. Therefore, we become great detectives, psychologists, amazing listeners, that rely to our client’s needs. We ensure confidentiality, and never forget that finding the right candidates for our clients means not only fulfilling the job description but also finding the people that really understand the company’s philosophy.

We will find the right candidates for you as our philosophy is that our clients success is our success and, moreover, our business motivation is to develop long term relationship through delivering outstanding results.

Sorina Faier, Managing Partner Elite Searchers