“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.”
Sorina Faier
Managing Partner

In order to provide the most efficient results, we work closely with our clients, as we first need to have a full image of their needs, and that means understanding how their business really works. We therefore are a partner in the search of the perfect candidates as our client’s success is our success and our motivation as an executive headhunting service is to develop long term relationship through delivering outstanding results.

So, this is how we work:

Tailored Approach

We know that it takes more than great leaders to move organisations forward. It takes the right leader. Our experts get to know your organisations so they can offer candidates as unique as you are. Therefore, we tailor our approach to every request we have. We don’t settle with an e-mail assignment. We much rather have a face-to-face meeting. So, we could challenge our clients about the scope of the role. We want to experience the culture of the company and we try to know the dynamics of the workplace. Only then, when we have developed a deep understanding, will we tailor an approach to fit every single client.

Committed to success

Over the years we developed unique methodologies and that includes working closely with our clients in developing the strategy and sharing inputs even in the early stages of the recruitment process.  Elite Searchers is committed to fulfil every assignment. No matter the time, resources or the challenge, we want to give our clients the best recruitment services. Because, as we stated before, our client’s success is our success and we are dedicated in building partnerships not contracts.

Large area of expertise

Elite Searchers offers flexible and highly effective solutions to international requirements driven by the particular needs of each challenge. Our consultants and researchers have a wealth of recruitment experience in their specialist areas, many have relevant prior industry backgrounds and a number are multi-lingual.

Confidentiality as a must

At Elite Searchers we are interested in long-term relationships with clients and candidates. Therefore, our success is based on our reputation, with clients and with candidates. We make approaches in a discreet and respectful way, guarding our client’s identity where appropriate. Our commitment is to look after our client’s reputation in the marketplace, as well as our own.

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